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  • Travel Per Diem

  • Medical / Dental / Vision

  • Certification Bonuses

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Our Leadership Team

  • Heath Stanley

    Director of Virtual Advisory

  • Dan Nerada

    Director of Operations

  • Laura Varner

    Director of Cybersecurity & Compliance

  • Brad Garland

    Owner / CEO

At a business level, Vala Secure is a cyber security and compliance consultancy. Our core values reflect what we're about. We want to SERVE each other and our clients. We believe PERFORMING with the highest quality. We love to EDUCATE each other and our clients. We want to ENERGIZE our team and culture and make it a place someone would want to make their career. And finally, we look to DELIGHT the world with the little unexpected +1's in life. We are Vala Secure. We are here to work hard, play hard and operate at SPEED. Come apply!

If you really want to get into the details we even post our employee handbook online, take a look here!